Love to Hate You

Love to Hate You

Title: Love to Hate You
Author: Jo Watson
Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Source: Bestsellers

Rating: 5/5

Favourite Quote: “It was easily the hottest experience of my entire life. But then he did something very odd, something that tipped me over the edge. He lifted his head and met my eyes with such intensity that everything around me went silent and blurry. He was looking at me like he knew me. Really, really knew me.
My mouth opened and an almost inaudible whisper came out, “Do I know you?”
He smiled at me. A naughty, skew, sexy smile. “Not yet.” And then he kissed me. No one had kissed me like that before. It was the kind of kiss shared by long-lost lovers.”

A perfect read for a quiet night in, I Love to Hate You by Jo Watson was a perfect choice for a easy read romance. A best seller in the UK which came up as a recommendation on my kindle. I wasn’t disappointed. The book started off by making me laugh out loud within the first chapter!

The book begins with the protagonist, Sera, and how she ended up in the back of a car with the hottest man that has ever walked the planet. Something that she never EVER does.  When she thinks her one night stand sex god recognises her, Sera panics and bolts, leaving him in the back of the car with his trousers still around his ankles.
Of course we all know she’s going to see him again, so when Sera shows up to work the next day and her co-workers announce that there is a new creative director, we all know who it’s going to be! Ben, her sex god from last night. He spends the day acting like he doesn’t know who she is, but when calls her into his office at the end of the day and hands her an envelope with her missing panties inside, her whole world shifts.

‘I gasped and then slapped my hands over my mouth in utter gut-wrenching shock. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping that when I opened them again, my underwear would not be laying on my boss’s table. 
I heard a small chuckle and opened my eyes again. He was wearing his backseat look now. His eyes were doing that intense staring thing that had the power to make you feel completely naked.’

Sera gets home and tells the horror that is her life to her two weird adopted fathers, JJ & Bruce. An hysterical gay couple who decided to take Sera in under their wing years ago when they discovered her at her lowest point. Straight away you fall in love with these two funny characters by their carefree sense of humour to life, you feel the close bond between the three of them instantly and their love and respect for Sera as their ‘adopted child’.

‘I wondered exactly what collective noun could apply: 
A cackle of queens.
A gaggle of gays.
A hullabaloo of homosexuals. 
To say they were screeching with laughter was an understatement. Bruce was currently bent over the couch squealing, broken up by fits of even higher pitched laughter. 
And JJ… well, he was lying on the floor, tears running across his face, sobbing, “He’s a panty smuggler.”‘

When Sera gets woken up in the middle of the night by her new 2am DIY neighbour, she confronts them only to discover that her surprised sex god has moved in next door. She’s left frozen on the spot when her confrontation with her neighbour ends up with Ben asking her out on a date, which she declines – going out with your boss will only end badly.
Ben is determined to convince Sera that going out with him is a good idea, even if he is her boss. With more to lose than just her reputation, Sera continues to refuse him. Even more so when he pulls some strings to make sure she is seated next to him on a flight to a calendar shoot in this years exotic location that the rest of the office have worked hard to go too.
With Ben’s boyish charms, a smile that makes her insides melt, and not to mention a modern knight in shining amour when her car broke down on the side of the road, Sera knew that he was beginning to get under her skin. He was becoming harder to resist.

‘Ben put his phone down on the room table, and was leaning back in his chair looking at me. He smiled, as if he knew he’d gotten me with that message. As if he knew that he had successfully just reeled me in. As if he knew a comment like that, one that was so intimate, was far harder to resist than ones laced with sex. Our eyes locked and my stomach tightened.’

It’s a fun game of cat and mouse which has you wanting to know more. Will Sera finally go on a date with Ben? Will the office find out? When Sera finds out Ben’s secret, what will it take when Ben fights for her again?
It’s a fantastic story with brilliantly written characters that will have you laughing out loud. When writing this review I kept going back to read it again and found that I had actually re-read the book 3 times. It’s easily a story I will read again in future and I’m happy to recommend it to others for a good night in.

‘I felt sick. I needed chocolate’
– a girl after my own heart


Small Kitty 5


Goodreads Review:
Sera is usually a good girl. (Except for one wild night in the backseat of a stranger’s car!) But what happens when that bad boy turns out to be her new boss? And what happens when he wants more than one night…and he can be very persuasive…

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