Prince of Cahraman (Fairytales of Folkshore #2)

Prince of Cahraman

Title: Prince of Cahraman
Author: Lucy Tempest
Genre: Fiction/ Romance/ Fantasy
Source: Sequel to Thief of Cahraman
Rating: 5/5

Favourite Quote: ‘This was something I would never get over. That he could be two people on opposite ends of the spectrum so convincingly. It left me to wonder which was the version he would normally be on an everyday basis, Cyrus or Cyaxares. And which I wanted more.’


Discovering who her Cyrus really is, the Prince of Cahraman himself, Ada can’t help but feel devastated. Her plans for them running away together were thrown out the window, there was no way he would leave his kingdom for her. Why would he? How could she be so blind, running around the castle conspiring with Prince Cyaxares without ever knowing. Ada feels completely humiliated knowing that she was about to ask Cyrus to sneak into the king’s chambers, his father’s chambers! In order to continue their search for Nariman’s oil lamp. Ada knew that whatever happened next, she would not involve him, she must continue her search without her partner in crime.

With further tasks to complete to win the competition, Ada can’t make up her mind about Cyrus/ Prince Cyaxares. She can’t deny her feelings for him but she’s unsure which part of him is real, the part she fell for. The distraction of finding the oil lamp and the difficult questionable tasks helps to take her mind off him and what could never be, but time is running out. Only one week left to save Bonnie and her father.

‘I was going to further ruin all his efforts when I disappeared tonight. Just like he’d ruined mine when he’d told me who he was. But he’d done more than that. He’d shattered my plans for all our futures harder than I had that chandelier.’

My Thoughts

I was really excited to get my hands on the second book of the Fairytales of Folkshore trilogy, and I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed! Prince of Cahraman followed the story well from where it left off, with Ada discovering who Cyrus really is – the Prince of Cahraman himself, in the middle of the ballroom, surrounded by hundreds of guests. Talk about a shock to the system. The story had the perfect amount of mystery, romance, friendship and exciting new tasks to win the competition for the hand of the Prince. I was hooked from the first page and couldn’t put it down.

With one week left and three important tasks to test their future Queen, Ada was once again just acting like herself which holds an important aspect of her character to me. Never getting swept up with the possibility of a new life as Princess, but to save Bonnie and her father, although Prince Cyaxares is making it more and more difficult. Her feelings for him are confusing to say the least, finding out that the man you were planning to run away with was secretly royalty, the very hand she was fighting for to complete her own personal mission. She never thought she would actually have a chance until he told her who he really was, but Ada knows who she is and her station, she knows that her position in life isn’t suitable at a Prince’s side. You feel her heartbreak and confusion as she continues with the tasks with Cyrus never too far away. It’s real and easy to understand and sympathise with.

‘As ambivalent as I was about the change in his personality since he’d resumed being Cyaxares, about the difference in his tone, carriage and style, his eyes were still the same. And I never wanted them to look away from me.’

Cyrus/ Cyaxares is the perfect Prince, he’s down to earth, cares about his people enough to find them the perfect future Queen with the tasks he sets out for them. He still hasn’t realised that what he needs isn’t royalty by his side, but someone true and has experience living outside of expectations. His feelings for Ada are sweet, as much as he tries to keep up with appearances, he can’t help but be drawn to her. Propriety be damned. He’s our knight in shining armour, literally. Cyrus doesn’t hesitate to risk his life to save Ada which just confuses her more. His innocent disposition is really lovely at times.

‘”Which part of your servant personality was false?”
“Only the uniform I wore”‘

Cora and Cherish were still fantastic additions to the story, Cora coming more out of her shell and keeping Ada’s untold secrets. She still just wants to go home and doesn’t care about winning the Prince’s hand which makes her a wonderful aspect in Ada’s story. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and fights for what she cares about, whether it’s Ada’s life, her beliefs or simply to stop an argument. Cora is a complete badass who I admired. Her brilliant sense of humour is a bonus.

‘I stood rooted, everything inside me clanging as he straightened, turned away with one last lingering glance then strode back inside. I didn’t have a full moment to myself to process because Cora poked her head out of the doorway where he’d just disappeared.
“Has he proposed yet? Can I go home now?”‘

Fairuza was a little surprise, I wasn’t sure what I expected but her desire for wanting to be chosen and winning the competition means more than just appearances. I won’t say anymore, but it was nice to see a change in the horrible addition in the remaining selection. Overall I absolutely loved this book and I’m extremely keen to see what will become of Ada and the Kingdom of Cahraman, the third story Queen of Cahraman due to be released February 2019.

My Rating

Small Kitty 5


Goodreads Review:
Before, she avoided elimination. Now, she must win.
Chosen as one of the Final Five in the Bride Search, Ada has one last chance to find the golden lamp and save her family.
Yet with Cyrus no longer her partner-in-crime, but her target, her plans unravel, tearing her between duty and desire. Now she has one week to pass three increasingly difficult tests fit for a queen.
As the competition takes a perilous bent, secrets are uncovered, demolishing her world as she knows it. Caught between impossible choices, the fates of all she loves depend on her decisions. But she fears that no matter what she does, she’d lose everything and change Cahraman forever.

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