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Title: Undertow
Author: K.R. Conway
Genre: Fiction/ Romance/ YA/ Fantasy/ Mystery

Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

Favourite Quote: ‘I looked forcefully into his eyes.
“Prove it. Prove you are what you say you are,” I said in a solid but determined voice, the image of his black eyes returning to my mind.
My world was so fantastically twisted that, at this point, I could’ve readily believed any horror story. Most likely it was true. Perhaps I was… what? Fearless? Suicidal? Generally nuts? Or maybe I already knew in my heart that he was different.’

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.*


Eila Walker doesn’t know what to think when she gets a call telling her she is the rightful owner of a million dollar estate in Cape Cod. She is sure someone is messing with her, a fraud or otherwise, but when it’s proven to be legit, she can’t help but feel stunned at her sudden change of luck. A fresh start with her guardian Mae, a chance to turn their life around in a beautiful seaside paradise. Of course, life isn’t always perfect, along with her strange dreams keeping her up at night, her new high school has students who make her life miserable, that is expect for her outcasted friends MJ and Ana. When a new good looking student joins the school and starts to hang around Eila, she can’t help but feel happy for the first time in years, even if something is going on that she can’t quite figure out. That is, until a beach party ends up with Eila being dragged under the water by an immortal being, opening up a whole other world of dark enemies with her as their primary target. She quickly discovers that it wasn’t simply a lucky lost inheritance that brought her to Cape Cod.

‘Raef answered quietly, “You weren’t hallucinating.” 
“Your eyes changed color,” I whispered. 
“As did yours,” he replied calmly.
In the mirror, the blue of his eyes gracefully returned and my golden ring faded out like a dying flame. I stared at our reflection, trying to process what I had just witnessed.
“What… was that?” I asked, the fear giving way to awe.
“The truth of what we are,” he replied.
“Which is?” I whispered, leaning closer as if the walls would spill our secrets.
“Dangerous,” he replied.’

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved this story, and I’m basing that on every single book in this series because I didn’t hesitate to download them all instantly. I got so caught up in them that I don’t remember sleeping much if I’m honest.
I don’t plan on doing a review for each individual book since they all blended into one for me where I got so wrapped up in them, so I’m just going to do the first one and tell you all to continue reading because it’s worth it!

Our story beings with a prologue dated back to Massachusetts, 1951 with the protagonist Elisabeth sneaking down to the docks accepting her fate as she faces down the mysterious Jacob Rysse with her Lunaterra powers. Like most fantasy prologues, it won’t make much sense until you get further into the story, but it’s worth wrapping your head around straight away.
Back to the present day in Massachusetts, we’re introduced to 17 year old Eila, a fantastically written easy to relate too protagonist who is keen to start fresh in her inherited million dollar mansion with her guardian Mae. I really liked Eila, she’s determined, strong and isn’t afraid to back down from anything whilst being an innocent teenage girl who is just looking for a place to fit in and call home. She’s keen to keep her head down and get through school, but ends up being the target of the popular girls with her old money family history and when the new guy Raef shows interest in her. Eila’s innocent disposition is sweet when it comes to Raef, he’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma, keen to spend time with her but doesn’t give away any emotion if he can help it. His secretive nature only draws her closer to him, all the while *SPOILERS* he has put himself in position as her immortal protector without her realising. Their slow burning romance is delightful, they couldn’t be any more incompatible but their connection is just too hard to ignore.

I adored the additional characters in the story, particularly MJ who is just so sweet and happy go lucky when you need a good pick me up. He’ll make you laugh out loud and his desire to keep Eila safe purely for her friendship is endearing, you can’t help but love him and his quirky hero-like ways. Ana is a mystery at first, whilst she likes to put up a shield around herself, she’s a lovely addition to the trio, broken and lonely in the world, she begins to open herself up to Eila in a way you’ll cherish. She’s a strong character with one weakness; Raef’s older brother Kian, with a history between them that will make your heart ache. The unconventional group Eila finds herself in just works, they are all completely different but their determination to keep each other safe is captivating.

The author does a fantastic job at setting the scene, whether you’re waking up in a million dollar Cape Cod estate eating breakfast with light coming through the stain glass window, wandering along the beach surrounded by bonfires whilst gazing up at the stars, or dancing in the ballroom of a Vanderbilt estate in Boston. Conway really knows how to bring the story to life with her writing.
I can tell you the story only gets better throughout the series, you won’t want to put them down.

‘The warmth of the day was retreating, shooed away by a cool, late afternoon breeze riding in from the ocean. The field drifted down a sloping hill towards a thicket of pines and beyond where the waters of the Atlantic glistened. The fairy-tale tree swayed lazily in unison with the flowers, tickled by the salty air. I walked out through the meadow, Raef following a few steps behind. He was always there, whether in my head or by my side, he designated himself my keeper. I, however, saw him as far more than a simple protection detail. He was more to me than a way to survive. Every last molecule of my design pulled me toward him, illogically, like an undertow, towards salvation… or potential death.’

My Rating

Kitty 5

Goodreads Review: 
Eila Walker knows luck is not a friend, so she’s downright shocked to inherit a million-dollar Cape Cod home. And yeah, her new town isn’t perfect: the cheerleaders are heinous clones, the local rip current can kill you, and apparently her Great Grams was fried by lightning in the harbor square. Still, Eila is hopeful her luckless days are in the past.
When Raef O’Reilly becomes her friendly shadow, Eila thinks life is pretty darn perfect. But just as her new hometown starts to feel normal, a beach bonfire party turns into a nightmare when she’s hauled beneath the waves by an undertow WITH ARMS. Raef, no longer able to hide the truth from Eila, must come clean: she’s possibly the last of her kind, a supernatural assassin who should be able to wield the power of human souls as a weapon, just like her murdered Great Grams.
Soon Eila finds herself under the protection of Raef and an outrageous crew of allies. Unfortunately, she’s now the hottest Must Have on the supernatural black market, and the teenage gang that is trying to guard her is woefully lacking . . .

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